Secret weapon

October 4, 2011 at 6:24 am

Now that’s a “weapon” I could get behind…

 Breast milk launcher!

Dispensing liquid gold to the masses!

Imagine all the diseases we could eradicate with a whole arsenal!

And look how happy the masses could become!

Hee hee. :-)

My son thinks the breast pump is his now, in fact.  He has been walking around saying, “I spray you!” with that thing for days. I had pulled it out about a week ago to pump what tiny bit I could eke out for a friend whose son had a bad case of Pinkeye. Did you know breast milk can help heal eye infections? My friend said the breast milk helped his eyes heal faster than his brother’s had (he had only been given antibiotic eye drops). Anyway… am I the only one for whom pumping is next to impossible? Grateful my body can let down a deluge for my baby though!