Gift ideas for the pregnant woman you love

December 4, 2012 at 9:53 pm

Being pregnant this time of year is great. For one, you can blame the holidays for the ten pounds you gained from November through December. ;-) But I also just think there’s something special about carrying a child during such a love-filled season. Whether you’re pregnant right now or know someone who is, I hope it’s a magical month for you and those you love. And in case you have a pregnant woman in your life, here are some gift ideas that will make her month even merrier.

1) Body pillow

If she doesn’t already have one, she needs one. I got a body pillow during my first pregnancy, and I slept with that thing through all four of my pregnancies. It was the best.

2) House plant

Not only would this lovely little friend remind her of your love and support as she prepares for birth and then adjusts to her new life as a mother, but it would also purify the air in her home, keeping her and her baby healthier. I’d be sure to give my new momma friends the most tolerant and low-maintenance options, of course.  Rubber plants and snake plants are very forgiving when it comes to neglect from busy caretakers. (See this post for more info).

Birthy mind

March 26, 2012 at 11:16 pm

So I have these pillows on my couch. I bought them about five years ago ’cause I liked the colors and they looked like they’d fit well in my “international” family room. Some time in the last year, however, I was staring at one of the pillows (probably while breastfeeding), and it hit me. Maybe you’ll see what hit me, if I show you a pic…

When my friends were in town a couple of weeks ago and the subject of my pillows came up, one friend said something about my “dirty mind.” Cue my gasp of mock horror. I quickly replied, “There is nothing dirty about this,” gesturing to my pillow.

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