Deck the walls with birth and babies

January 4, 2013 at 11:56 pm

I mentioned on my facebook page that I recently turned our bedroom into a sort-of tribute to bellies, babies, birth, and life-giving. And people wanted pics!

I’ve been taking what we already had (with the addition of a few cheap Goodwill frames) to decorate with. So that means we finally hung up lots of things I’ve been planning to hang up for ages, including many of our birth and pregnancy photos (most of them taken by my talented doula friend, Cassie). And┬álots of trees, green things, life, love, and growth.

I think this is the first time we’ve ever really had stuff hanging in our bedroom. I really like how everything looks!

Now for the pics…

We better not ever have an earthquake here, huh? :-)
A pic from my third pregnancy on the wall and pics of my babies on my dresser.
Over my desk… The Gift of Giving Life, some articles I wrote (see here and here), my DONA birth doula training┬ácertificate, and more pics.
Over the side of my desk… more pregnancy/birth/baby pics and some cool tree art by Leslie Graff.

And since that wasn’t nearly enough birth art for one house, I also now have this beautiful print hanging in my family room…

"Nativity," by Brian Kershisnik

Now if I could just get my belly cast sanded and painted… :-)