DIY Patio Make-over Project

March 26, 2014 at 7:42 pm

I’m too excited not to share this. A few years ago, our neighbors across the street moved and gave us their patio furniture. The furniture was in great shape, sturdy, and nice, but the cushion covers were kind of thrashed and starting to shred.

We looked into buying replacement cushions, but… um… $30+ a piece! $200+ for the whole set? Yikes! Time to break out my sewing skills. Thank you, Grandma and Mom, for those skills! A few months later, I got some groovy 70’s drapes from Goodwill with the intention of using them to recover the cushions.

And now, two years (and a different patio) and around 10 hours-of-labor later, I finally finished the project! The white fabric also came from sturdy Goodwill drapes. The pillow fabrics and pillow inserts are also all Goodwill finds. I don’t have all my receipts, but I’d guess I spent about $15 total for the drapes, no more than $10 for the rest of the fabrics/pillow-inserts. $25 sure beats $200+. :-)

Also… I’ve always wanted a wind chime, so I decided to make one. I pieced it together using entirely materials I already had, except for the brown ceramic piece hanging in the middle (50 cents from Goodwill). I may have to tweak it though ’cause the keys are so heavy that they aren’t really “chiming” in the wind. I think it might work better if I make the bead-strands longer. It’s pretty, if nothing else. (The hummingbird bell-thingy came from the dollar store.)


Ever a plant-lover, I knew my patio make-over wouldn’t be complete without some cheerful plant friends. I already had the plastic pots sitting in my garage, so I bought a can of plastic-adhering spray paint for under $4 and gave the pots a facelift. The plants were probably the priciest part of this whole project (around $20), but… as living things with air-filtering and oxygen-producing capacity, I think they’re worth the price tag.






Colors and plants make me happy. I think it’s time we finally had a backyard barbecue like we’ve been wanting to do since we moved (over a year ago… sigh). We’re loving our new patio living space and trying to make the most of it before the 120-degree weather hits!