Goodwill Dress: Frumpy to Fabulous

November 19, 2017 at 11:18 pm

So our local Goodwill stores are having a flip contest. When I first heard about it, I didn’t think I had time to submit anything, but with a little nudge from my husband who thought it was “right up my alley,” I decided to buy a dress on 50% sale Saturday. Of course the idea with these type of contests to to wow people with the transformation, so I tried to find something I would never actually buy on purpose. Here was my pick:


It’s something special, huh? Being a couple of sizes too big with giant shoulder pads and giant sleeves, it’s no surprise that it made me look giant… which is never a good thing, especially when you’re pregnant. I got it for just $4.99 (which was 50% off their usual dress price of $9.99). I also perused the store for a couple of shirts with similar-colored fabric that I thought I might use in my upcycle. These were 50% off as well.




I ripped open lots of seams on the original dress and removed the skirt from the bodice (while leaving the zipper attached to the skirt). Then I took the pink t-shirt, cut several inches off the bottom, slit it up the back, and sewed it to the existing zipper.


Then I attached the new bodice to the skirt, and it was pretty much complete. I knew I wanted to create a belt to give the dress some visual interest, so I used scraps of the t-shirt and original dress fabric and beads (from the original dress’s fancy vest) to make flowers, along with some others made from ribbons and scraps I already had.


The final result was a dress that made me feel beautiful.

Goodwill flip dress

Goodwill FlipBeforeAfter


Another fun thing about the dress is that it’s so easy to accessorize in different ways to dress it up or down. It looks just as cute with a jean jacket and boots and a fun necklace as it does with pearls and elegant accessories.

Goodwill Flip 2

Of course I hope I win, but even if I don’t it was a really fun challenge, and now I have a cute new dress!

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