Hopeschool: Stop Motion Merriment

April 15, 2016 at 5:02 am

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While perusing Pinterest for homeschool ideas earlier this week, I stumbled on a Teachers Pay Teachers file utilizing the free app Stop Motion Studio. My kids love making movies, so I knew they would be uber-excited about this project. For the past few days, my 12-year-old has become a stop-motion-movie-making machine. Their first project was inspired by the Pinterest Pin I found. It outlines how to make a stop-motion movie showing the phases of the moon.

stopmotionpinDSC_0293 DSC_0292

After making their first video, the kids moved on to Lego stop-motion. It’s been so fun to watch them take off with it and perfect their techniques through trial and error. I love it when “school” is something they want to spend all day doing because they’re having so much fun.

Here’s their first stop-motion masterpiece…

And here’s another brilliant stop-motion video we watched over and over ’cause it was so clever and beards are so cool…

Have your kids ever made stop-motion movies? Share them in the comments below! My kids and I would love to see them!