No-sew baby wrap instructions

July 1, 2010 at 3:18 pm

I frequently peruse the clearance fabric looking for anything stretchy and breathable. You can never have too much stretchy, breathable fabric.  That is, if everyone you know is having babies. Wrap-style baby carriers are my new favorite gift for pregnant mommas because they are a must-have for busy moms who need their hands, and they’re incredibly easy to make.

Here’s how (I consulted this site to figure out the details):

1) Buy about 4-6 yards of stretchy fabric (Jersey knit cotton is probably best, but I just grabbed the cheapest stretchy stuff I could find). If you need help gauging how much to buy, this site gives some good direction on the amount of fabric you will need/want. After you get the fabric, you’ll want to wash it. After it’s washed, check to make sure the edges haven’t frayed. (No fraying means you don’t need to sew. Fraying means you’ll want to turn the edges under and stitch them so it will stop fraying.)

2) Fold your fabric lengthwise, like this:Be sure to have your kids “help” and pretend it’s a path to walk on.  Measure the short end to make sure it’s at least 25 inches.

3) Cut along the folded edge to make two long pieces of fabric. Don’t fret too much about making sure your cut is exactly straight, especially if your kids are “helping.”  It won’t matter if it’s a little off.

4) Measure lengthwise, determine your desired length, and cut off any excess fabric.I made mine 5 yards even.

5) Grab the nearest cute, squishy baby.Wrap him on using your favorite wrap-style carry. Here’s a site with lots of different carries and directions for how to wrap/tie them.

6) Smile. Purchasing a wrap-style carrier would cost you $40-$75 on average. I made two for $8.25.  That’s definitely something to smile about.

If this post inspired you to make your own stretchy wrap, I’d love to have a photo of you wearing your baby to share in this post below. Email me your photo at askbusca at gmail dot com. Can’t wait to see your sweet pics!