Wrap Happy

August 28, 2013 at 10:42 pm

Almost exactly four years ago, I wrote a blogpost about making your own no-sew baby wrap. August of 2009. My third child had been born in April of that year, and he was the first of my children to be “worn” regularly. I had made my own ring sling while I was pregnant with him, and then when he was several months old, I made my own stretchy baby wrap.

The first time I recall seeing a baby wrap was back in 2007. An old friend who had become a midwife came to a little reunion at my dad’s house with her new baby strapped to her in a wrap. I thought it was cool, but I didn’t really see another wrap until my doula training in February of 2009. There were a lot of moms with nursing babies at the training, and a couple of women with wraps. But still… wraps were something I only really saw at gatherings of crunchy women or on crunchy websites. They weren’t trendy in the slightest.

When I started wearing my infant son in a stretchy wrap, I came to know just how unusual it was. Everywhere I went, people seemed to have never seen anything like it before. I felt like a walking advertisement for babywearing because I spent some time nearly every outing talking with one or two strangers about what it was, how to make one, that it’s easier to use than it looks, etc. I enjoyed those conversations immensely. It made me happy to spread the joy of babywearing and to imagine how those women’s lives might improve and become easier through making contact with me and my happy wrapped baby boy.

That was four years ago. My blogpost about making your own baby wrap did get a reasonable amount of traffic, but nothing to raise my eyebrows about. Then something happened in 2010-2011. Pinterest hit the web.

Since the creation of Pinterest, I have watched that blogpost rise among the ranks of my most-visited blogposts. Then it didn’t just rise, it started to soar. And now it has been shared more times on social networks (mostly on Pinterest) than any other blogpost on my site. And it is visited more often every day than any other post I’ve created.

When I started wrapping my baby, I almost never encountered another mom with a baby wrap in every-day public places. But it always made me smile when I did. I’m not surprised that baby-wrapping is becoming sort of “trendy” these days. A momma-baby wrapped pair is a happy pair, and more and more moms are discovering that truth. Now, slowly but surely, I’m seeing more women in public wearing their babies. And it makes me smile to know that maybe some of them have a wrap they made themselves after seeing this on Pinterest…