March 9, 2013 at 5:16 am

I wrote this poem for my husband for Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry… nothing sugary or uncomfortable. I wanted to do something special for him for staying steady by my side all through this pass year of upheaval and darkness. It is largely because of him that I’m still here. He was my doula through the darkness. And a pretty good-looking one at that. :-)

P.S. He really does have a bizarre dent in the back of his head. That will make more sense after you read the poem. :-)

By Lani Axman

Twelve years ago
You handed me a ring box,
Sitting in your classy white car
Full of dents and rust—
Old battle wounds
Inflicted in past lives
Long before you took the wheel.
Did you know then
(As you do now)
That I too was
Riddled with scars—
Dents in my soul
Not unlike the dent in
Your head?
Did you know I would
Make you cry
When my scars were ripped open,
Bleeding bitterness and despair?
Did you know how strong
You would need to be?
How strong you would become?
When I stare into your
Quiet eyes,
The color of hope
And peace
And faithfulness,
I ache for the pain
They’ve witnessed.
I ache for the darkness
They’ve strained to pierce.
But most of all
I thank God
That they never ran away.
You’ll never run away.