And the winners are…

August 16, 2010 at 3:37 pm

You guys are brilliant. I was thrilled so many people entered the contest and produced so much cleverness. Thank you! I was really glad I had my husband to help me make my final decision. In the end, we agreed that the winner should be the creative and multi-talented Kendra @ My Insanity with…

Growing, Glowing, and Going

What can I say?  Tasteful rhyming and alliteration give me warm fuzzies.   THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS, Kendra!  I love it!  And I can’t wait to get your prizes to you.  We’ll be in touch via email so I’ll know where to send your $25 BornFit code, book, and stretchy wrap.

I also wanted to give an honorable mention to some of the other entries that made me smile, laugh, and/or struggle to make my final decision…

The Running Belly (by Brooke)

40 Weeks Running (by Whitney)

Baby, get set, go! (by Robin)

Four Legged Race (by Courtney)

So much awesomeness.

Now… on to my second winner.  Some of you ladies REALLY wanted to win.  You were posting, liking, sharing, commenting, and following up the wazoo.  I wish I could give all of you copies of Pushed. But, in the end, after my husband stirred all the entries in a yellow tupperware dish, the name I drew was a fellow birth junkie blogger (Mamas and Babies)…


Congratulations, Cherylynn!  You’ll be hearing from me soon so I can get you Pushed and your stretchy wrap!

And, now that I have a name for my series of posts documenting my adventures as an Expectant Runner (another great name idea by Nancy), whenever you see a Birth Faith blogpost with “Growing, Glowing, and Going” in the title, you’ll know it contains my latest running ramblings and other prenatal-exercise-related thoughts and research.

July 5, baby #4's first 5K in utero

For instance, on this morning’s run, I listened to half of a podcast interview with the founder of Hypnobabies, Kerry Tuschhoff. I look forward to listening to the rest on Wednesday. Still trying to open my mind to the possibility that I could give birth without experiencing discomfort… maybe… really??