Growing, Glowing, and Going: Midwife’s Orders

January 31, 2011 at 6:45 am

During our home visit last Thursday, my midwife, Mary, mentioned that the baby is still “really high.” Since two of my births have started with my water breaking, we definitely don’t want the baby’s head high much longer since the cord could easily prolapse. She told me to do lots of walking to coax the baby down into my pelvis.

We went on another hike at South Mountain at the beginning of January, but I haven’t been getting much exercise since then. So Mary’s advice was just the nudge I needed to get myself back out there and “going” again.

The weather was gorgeous here in the Valley of the Sun today. Can’t beat 72 degree weather in January. So we took a nice two mile walk/bike ride before dinner. It felt really good to be getting some fresh air and exercise again. The forecast is threatening rain and cooler temperatures this coming week, but I’m hoping we can get some more walking in. Come on down, baby. Pretty please?