Growing, Glowing, and Going: Randomness

August 23, 2010 at 6:06 pm

1.  Last night I found the “doggy tag” necklace my bro-in-law gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It has my name and emergency phone numbers just in case something happens to me while I’m out on a run.  And the other side has one of my favorite quotes from one of my heroes.  It got me thinking that I should tell you about her some time.  I think I will.  Be sure you carry some form of I.D. when you run (especially if you’re pregnant)!

2. As I got dressed for my run this morning and pulled my shirt over my belly, I thought… “Hey, someone might actually be able to tell I’m a pregnant runner now.  Cool.”

3. I got bored listening to the same music on my iPod every run, so my husband (knowing that I’m always looking to learn new things) suggested listening to podcasts instead. BRILLIANT.  I knew marrying him was a good idea.  So far my favorites have been the MIDIRS interview podcasts with Ina May and the Progressive Parenting interview with Isabelle Fox, “Stranger at My Crib” (though I’ve only listened to the first half so far).  I know it’s gotta be a good one when I want to keep running so I can keep listening.

4.  Husband and I swung by REI on Saturday and picked up a few packages of Vitalyte (the electrolyte replacement drink I mentioned in my last post).  I had been taking water on my runs previously (it’s HOT here, even at 6:00 a.m.).  But I tried out the Vitalyte this morning (orange flavor).  It’s definitely less sweet than your typical sport’s drink which I was glad about.  And I do think I felt less drained and starving when I finished my run.  I think it’s probably a better choice for me than plain water, especially since it’s hot and I’m pregnant.  I also noticed on the Vitalyte facebook page that one of their fans talked about “converting” her midwife to Vitalyte (for clients’ use during labor, I presume).  I guess it’s catching-on out there?

5.  We’re considering getting an indoor bike trainer for use during the later months of my pregnancy when running gets too jarring to be feasible.  They’re pretty cool contraptions.  The first time I ever saw one was last December.  Here’s my brother-in-law using his in my backyard while my son looks on…

They basically turn any bike into a stationary bike which seems safer for a largely-pregnant woman than a mobile bike.  Gosh I don’t even remember the last time I rode a bike.  This should be fun.

P.S. I can’t wait for winter… perfect weather+big baby belly= :-)