False alarm

February 7, 2011 at 2:28 pm

I had a few labor-like twinges (which feel completely and totally different from braxton-hicks contractions <— I have those all day every day) that got my attention while trying to fall asleep last night.  Boy did my heart start pounding.  And my legs started shaking.  And my head started going a million miles a minute: “Ah! No! Wait! I’m not ready yet! Ah!  Do I wake up Ax?  No… I’ll just see what happens… we had a false alarm “practice session” last time too, remember?… uh oh… Here comes another one… Ah!”

I’m relieved that the night was uneventful beyond that though. I’d really like at least a few more days to get myself psyched up for the big event!  We had taken this 38 week belly shot an hour or two beforehand, just in case it was our last opportunity…

We did the same thing on my 38 week Sunday last time too…

And I went into labor three days later.

I can do this, right?  Right?!