Your Dream Team

January 10, 2014 at 12:06 am

Over winter break, we headed north to the land of cold where most of my family lives to hang out for a week. While I was there, I did some trauma release work with a a beloved neuropsychologist family member. In her practice, she does almost exclusively EMDR work. EMDR stands for “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.” EMDR is a therapeutic technique, sometimes utilizing alternating left and right tapping, eye-movement, or auditory beeps, in which the client is able to desensitize past traumatic experiences and be released from their present ill effects. You can read more about EMDR and how it works HERE.

The ACE (adverse childhood experiences) study published in 2002 found that there is a “powerful relation between our emotional experiences as children and our adult emotional health, physical health, and major causes of mortality. . . . One doesn’t ‘just get over’ some things” (ACE study). If you are experiencing poor mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual health, it’s likely that a traumatic event from your past (or an ancestor’s past) could be a major contributing factor. If you suspect you’re suffering from past traumas, traditional “talk therapy” is unlikely to bring the full healing you seek. I invite you to explore more effective trauma release methods, like EMDR, Emotional Freedom Technique, energy healing, meditation, etc.

My Dream Team

I’ve done quite a lot of trauma release work via EMDR, energy healing, EFT, and meditation over the past year+. But during this past EMDR session, I was guided to do something I’ve never done before, and I think everyone should do it. I designated a “Resource Team,” which I quickly mentally renamed as my “Dream Team.” A Dream Team consists of three groups: Protectors, Nurturers, and Inner Wisdom Guides. You pick who to put in each of your groups. You can pick as few or as many people as you want. They can be alive or dead, real or imagined, whoever you want. You can even pick one person to fill all three roles if you want.

For my purposes, I chose all real people, most of them no longer (or not yet) living. Among my protectors were my deceased brother and my unborn son. Among my nurturers were my grandmother, some of my female ancestors, and Mother Eve. Among my inner wisdom guides were John (the Apostle), Sarah Josepha Hale, and Truman G. Madsen. So my Dream Team is full of angels. This team of angels assisted me through my EMDR session. For me, EMDR has been a “vision” experience every time. So, in my session, my Dream Team was part of my vision. They answered my questions, gave me advice, talked with me, protected me, etc. One of the pieces of advice they gave me during my session made me laugh: “It’s OK to have imaginary friends.” It was comforting to know that I could bring my Dream Team back anytime to help me. They have my back.

2014-01-09 05.02.32 pm

Your Birthing Dream Team

After my EMDR session, I knew I needed to encourage my friends (and everyone) to select a Dream Team. And I thought it could be especially helpful for pregnant mothers preparing for birth. Visualizing a room full of pre-selected helpers would have been so comforting to me during my birth experiences. I always assumed there were angels and helpers present, but I had never considered actually inviting specific “imaginary friends.”  Even if you don’t believe in angels, a Dream Team is still a helpful mind-trick to draw from in times of difficulty. We can imagine what our helpers would say or do and take comfort in that. This can be especially helpful when we imagine our Dream Team joining us in a pre-selected “Peaceful Place” where we can remove ourselves from any present distress and relax our minds and bodies.

Who would you want protecting you while you give birth?

Who would you want nurturing you while you give birth?

Who would you want giving you words of wisdom while you give birth?

You can have them. Use your imagination to bring them there.