A 10-year-old’s Perspective on Birth

January 20, 2016 at 6:04 am

For home school, I try to have my kids write something in their journals several times each week. I let them pick what they want to write about, and they usually come up cool stuff. In the week after my baby was born, we mostly took a break from “school,” but we did have the kids write in their journals a few times. It was my 10-year-old’s idea to write about Hope’s birth. As soon as I found out what she was doing, I was eager to share her account on my blog. At first she didn’t want me to post it, feeling a little self-conscious. But I’m so glad she decided to let me go ahead. With her permission, I will transcribe her journal entry here:


On the early morning of Christmas day my parents woke me up and told me that my mom was in labor and said if I wanted to come I had better get up and find something to bring. So I changed, got my water bottle, some snacks, and a magazine my parents gave me.

When we got in the car, I was shaking with nervousness. (I was worried for my mom.) When we got there, we went into a quiet birth room. There was a tub, a toilet, and a bed. I sat on the bed with my mom and dad as I read the magazine. After I finished the magazine, the midwives asked me to come outside for awhile. As I sat I wondered why I couldn’t be with my parents.

Soon my mom’s friend came out and started to talk to me. We talked about home schooling and t.v. shows we like. Soon she left and after a while my dad came out and told me why I had to wait outside and that my mom was going to get in the tub.

I waited, and soon one of the midwives came out and said I could come in and say hi to my mom. I rubbed her shoulders, and she said it really helped her stay calm through the contractions. I went back to the other room.


Soon my mom started moaning louder. The midwives said that my mom wanted me, so I went in and based on the looks of her I could that my baby sister would be here very soon. I told my dad that I couldn’t see my mom in such pain. I left the room and said a prayer for her.

When I heard Hope’s quiet wimper, I instantly got up and ran in, and in her arms was my beautiful baby sister Hope.


My dear, sweet girl. Her first impulse (after seeing me in the throes of the hardest contractions) was to say a prayer for me! Finding out about that just about made my heart burst with love and gratitude and pride. I remember that as we moved from the bathroom to the bedroom after the delivery, I turned and saw my husband and 10-year-old following behind me. Noticing that my daughter was crying, I asked, “Are you OK?” In response, she smiled through her tears and said, “Yes, I’m just so happy!”

She is such a tender, compassionate, sensitive soul, and I feel so honored to be her mom.

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