Birth Junkies: the next generation

November 20, 2010 at 4:35 pm

Speaking of my daughter… we had another birthy conversation over lunch yesterday. We got talking about her dream again, and then, between bites of her lunch, she asked me, “Mom, do you think you should have this baby in the hospital or at home?” Before I even had a chance to respond, she said, “I like home better.” When I asked her why, she kind of giggled and said, “If you went to the hospital, your baby would be caught by a doctor!” Her facial expression made it clear that this was not the ideal scenario in her mind. Then she said, “It’s better if a midwife catches your baby. Or if YOU catch it.”

You might think I spend my time brainwashing my children with my particular birth philosophy, but I really don’t. And I know there are countless wonderful obstetricians who catch babies every day. We’ve never had a conversation about the pros and cons of different types of care providers with our kids before. I also find it so interesting that she never says anyone will “deliver” my baby… only that someone will “catch” it. I know I’ve talked about babies being “delivered” many times, so it’s not that she hasn’t been exposed to that terminology. So so interesting. She also happens to be obsessed with birth YouTube videos. I couldn’t even count the number she has watched with me, always saying, “Let’s watch more!” The sounds and bodily fluids don’t frighten her in the least. She loves all things birth-related. :-) That’s my girl.

Here’s a re-post of another conversation I had with my little birth-junkie about a year ago, in case you missed it the first time:

Monk: When you get another baby, I want to be your doula.

Me: What would you do to be my doula?

Monk: You lay down, and I push on your bum!

Me: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Monk: (chuckling) It helps!

Me: (huge grin) You’re right!

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Do you have any little birth-junkies at your house? Please share your stories!