Breeding, Bread, and Blessings

December 6, 2017 at 12:27 pm

For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck. -Luke 23:29

A couple of years ago, my friend Heather wrote a post titled with the old saying: “Every Baby Comes with a Loaf of Bread Under its Arm.” In the post, Heather shared the news that she was pregnant with her fifth baby, and then she elaborated on the title of her post, saying:

I think that what this saying means, at least to me, is that every baby who comes to the earth brings blessings, spiritual and temporal, for the mother, the father, the family, the community, and the world.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on this concept lately. These days more and more articles, blogposts, and news stories give us a multitude of reasons why we shouldn’t have children:

I could go on, but this is getting depressing, especially given that I’m now pregnant with my 6th baby.

18 weeks
If you’re looking for reasons not to have children, there are plenty of people out there willing to supply them. And you’ll find plenty of peers making similar choices. Finding reasons to have a family (or to have a large family) is getting harder these days. But the reasons are out there, if you’re looking for them. Here are a few places to look:

I don’t have scientific research to back up my personal views, but I agree with my friend, Heather. I believe that every baby brings blessings that can’t necessarily be quantified–loaves of bread with just the right nutrients to improve the world that baby comes to. Some of these children will innovate, invent, and revolutionize industries. Some of these children will champion love and inclusion. Many of these children will be kinder to earth than previous generations. I have faith that our children will let go of what isn’t serving humanity and embrace what matters most.


Some argue that humanity is beyond repair. They believe our extinction would be the best thing that could happen. I believe we have a responsibility to clean up the mess we have made. I believe we have a responsibility as earth’s current residents to raise the humans who will repair the damages of generations past. I believe that nurturing mothers are the most crucial asset humanity has in its quest for improvement.

Mothers and babies are the key to creating a peaceful world. Without nurturing mothers and peace-filled babies, we will never see humanity overcome the evils that tear us apart. Imagine if every pregnant mother was supported, cared-for, and full of peace. Imagine if every positive pregnancy test was seen as a priceless treasure and gift. Imagine if every fetus knew without question that s/he was loved. Imagine if every newborn entered the world gently and received nothing but kindness, affection, and an assurance of the constant companionship of his/her most important source of safety and comfort, the Mother. Imagine if mothers were given the time, support, encouragement, and nurturing they require to most effectively fulfill their roles as the primary and most-essential caregivers for their new babies. If we, as the human family, could provide all of these things, I am convinced that we would henceforth and forever live in constant peace. At present, within the complexities and challenges of our current world circumstances, it seems impractical and maybe even impossible to meet all of those ideals. But I hope we can reach for them anyway.

I never planned to have six children, but I see each of them as gifts to both myself and to humanity, not burdens. I believe my efforts to raise them in love and kindness will be my greatest contribution to this earth.



How do you think large families benefit society? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.