Candy Conversion

December 4, 2013 at 4:55 pm

When I told my stepmom a few weeks ago that I didn’t take my kids trick-or-treating on Halloween, she said, “Lani!” with a tone that indicated absolute horror. “Why?!”

In the past, my kids have become sick every year after Halloween. Illness in my children is a huge anxiety trigger for me. They also have really crazy tantrums while under the influence of artificial food coloring combined with sugar. Apparently, they’re not alone. Artificial colors are really bad for us. Excess sugar is really bad for us. If you think about it, most candy = various forms of slow-acting poison combined, with virtually no redeeming value beyond taste.

I kind of concur with this lady: “I’m boycotting Halloween because it’s a celebration of something that’s literally killing us.” So on Halloween we went to the movies instead. We counseled together as a family and decided that it was a fair trade. They even assuaged my guilt with negative answers when I said, “Am I the meanest mom ever?” Going to the movies is a rare thing for us, so definitely a “treat” for my kids. We hadn’t seen “Monster’s University” yet, and it was at the discount theater. They wore their costumes to the theater. Stinkin’ awesome costumes, in fact.

And nobody got sick after Halloween or the entire month of November. Score.

But… maybe I’m still feeling guilty for being a Halloween party-pooper. Maybe I’m not quite ready to write-off candy altogether. I do want to give my kids a few treats in their Christmas stockings. But I want to do it on my own terms.

After a fruitless attempt at finding “natural” candy in the bulk bins at Sprouts (the closest health food store), I turned to the internet. And I found a solution.

2013-12-04 08.46.40 am

UNREAL candy. They’re even better than “real” M&Ms… seriously… probably ’cause real chocolate tastes a heck of a lot better than cheapo chocolate. No artificial colors! No corn syrup! Significantly reduced sugar. Grass-fed dairy ingredients. No GMOs!

They also have delicious peanut butter cups with half the sugar as Reeses. And a variety of other chocolate candy options. Cheapest place I’ve found to get them (online) is Vitacost through Amazon (see HERE).

Have your candy and eat it too. Maybe I’m not the “meanest mom ever” after all.


Note: nobody is paying me to write this. There are no affiliate links in this post. I’m just super excited about this discovery and want to share the love.