Five Things for Friday: Ch-ch-ch-changes Edition

October 2, 2015 at 7:45 am

My friend Heather used to write a “Five Things for Friday” post on her blog every week. I always loved those posts. Anyway… I felt like writing one of my own this week since I have lots of stuff I want to tell you beautiful people but not enough time to devote a whole blogpost to each subject. I don’t know that I will do this every week like Heather did, but maybe every few weeks or so? Here goes…


Thing 1

We finally took the plunge. Last Friday was my kids’ last day of “traditional” school. I signed my affidavit of intent to homeschool that very day at the county superintendent’s office, and we officially unenrolled them from their school on Monday.

Funny side note… So the school tests all the kids to see what their reading levels are at the beginning of the school year. My first-grader (as well as my other kids) tested far beyond his grade level. So when we unenrolled our kids, they gave us copies of their current grades in each subject. My husband and I found our first-grader’s grades quite humorous…


Really not sure what happened there. Maybe it was ’cause I forgot to help him memorize that poem he was supposed to recite in his last week at the school. Oops. Don’t care. The kid reads like a champ whether or not his mom remembered his her homework.

The more research I do about education, the more I question all the traditions and customs that have been so long taken for granted… like grades. I’m not planning to give grades or report cards to my kids for homeschool. I like what Mark Barnes has to say:

Grades are a measuring tool, and not a very good one. The problem is not just grading but the idea that measurements are necessary in the first place. Learning should never be measured. Rather, it should be shared, discussed and evaluated openly; these discussions should be accompanied by objective feedback that guides students to other possibilities and to reflection and self-evaluation.

As the girl who spent her childhood and adolescence obsessively trying to impress the school and teachers, accumulating as many A’s as I possibly could, I’m actually surprised to find myself in this place. But here I am, and I like it.


Thing 2

Apparently, most (perhaps all?) of the Christian homeschool co-ops out there won’t allow us to participate (even though we are believers in Christ and pray in His name every day). This is because we belong to that weirdo “cult” that is politically correct for conservatives and liberals alike to openly mock. Oh well. Homeschooling is becoming quite popular in AZ, and there are lots of groups who even let people whose “only destiny . . .  is eternal suffering in hellfire” [the fate of Mormons, according to Matt Slick, President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry] socialize with their children. I went to a homeschool curriculum store yesterday that happens to be run by or at least connected with a Christian church. And… I was sort of afraid they would figure out I was Mormon and throw us out the door. ;-)

For the record, some of my favorite people on this planet are my friends who have looked past whatever they have heard about Mormons and chosen to love me, regardless of their religious affiliations. I’m not trying to convert them. They aren’t trying to convert me. We just love each others’ guts ’cause we do. This is what life is about. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Building bridges. Come on, people now. <3


And my God says I am Light and Truth and Love.


Thing 3

So over the summer I heard about a school in Mesa, AZ that was looking for a yoga instructor. We got in touch, and they were excited about the prospect of having me come teach the kids there. I was excited too. But then I just kept getting the nagging feeling that it wasn’t the right thing for me at this time. They were bummed. I was bummed, but it felt right.

A month or two later, I began considering another yoga teaching opportunity at Yoga Phoenix. It seemed like the absolute perfect time for me to teach Conscious Pregnancy yoga. It looked like it was going to happen, but again I had the nagging feeling that it wasn’t the way to go right now. Huh.

And then we pulled our kids out of school. And I knew who my yoga students were supposed to be. Of course! So I now start every morning with these cute little yogis. No better way to start the day!


Thing 4

I have dealt with bouts of mild-ish anxiety/depression every week or two for the past six months or so. I have ridden the waves, knowing that I would probably feel better in a day or two. And I always did. But over the past month+ I have gradually found myself feeling more stable than I have felt in years. Yes, I’m still taking a low dose of my medication, but I don’t think that’s necessarily responsible.

Something about this pregnancy has shifted so many things inside of me… emotionally, physically, spiritually. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the natural rising levels of pregnancy progesterone, a hormone that can keep anxiety at bay. I have long suspected that I may have an estrogen-dominance contributing to my mental/physical woes, and pregnancy in all its progesteroney glory seems to be the perfect remedy for me. Will the balancing effects disappear after my baby is born and my progesterone levels fall again? I don’t know. I keep hoping that my friends were right when they told me, “I think this pregnancy will heal you.”

I’m now just over 26 weeks pregnant.  Yesterday I had a prenatal visit with my midwives and brought my kids along for a “field trip.” Everything is going well as far as we can tell. Baby is very active. My fundal height is measuring right about where it should. Blood pressure is low. Urine stick says I need to hydrate myself better… every time. And good grief I sweat like crazy allllll the tiiiiime. Arizona, can we lay off the triple digits now that October is here? Pretty please?

If my thighs and backside are any indication, this baby will be getting some mighty rich and creamy milk come January. Ha. If there’s one thing my body knows how to do during pregnancy it’s building ample fat stores. I’ve gained nearly fifty pounds already. Don’t let this innocent-looking belly side-shot fool you. ;-)

Got this cute maternity dress for $5 at Goodwill!

Got this cute maternity dress for $5 at Goodwill!


Thing 5

In case you missed it, I’m doing a giveaway! As of this writing there are 23 hours left before the giveaway closes for entries. I’m giving away three packages of magnesium products, sourced from the Dead Sea… the richest source of magnesium chloride on the planet. ‘Cause I love magnesium, and I love you!


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Happy Friday!