November 6, 2011 at 5:03 am

I take my time at the grocery store tonight,
Thoughts trickle through my brain,
A stream of discouragement,
Bubbling over the rocky terrain in my skull.
I linger in aisle after aisle,
Contemplating items I usually ignore.
A bag of Doritos is soon nestled with the organic eggs and plain yogurt.
I guess sometimes you just need to do something
Out of character,
To shake yourself back.
And then,
And then after dinner and dishes and nursing the small one,
I find the others in the dark in the girls’ room.
I fall into the middle of the bed.
Two little lady bodies nestle up on either side.
Then a mop-head boy-child bounds up and on top of me,
Belly to belly,
His little arms wrapping around me,
Head on my heart.
“Are you going to join us, Daddy?” the lady to my right asks.
So his long arms wrap over the tangle of appendages,
Encasing us.
Even the dog jumps up,
His cold nose tickling my ear.
“I love Mommy,” my boy-captor says.
His two-year-old voice glides with ease through my emotional armor,
Sweeping away a dayful of ache.
I breathe deep.
He lifts his head and looks into my eyes,
“I love you, Mommy.”
His head falls back down to my heart again.
And again, “I love you,┬áMommy.”

“I love you, Mommy.”

Tonight I was healed
In a tangle
By a toddler
In moose pajamas.

Do you think I should take the Doritos back? …..Nah. :-)