Poems for petite ones

February 26, 2012 at 7:09 pm

I got on a poetry kick about four-and-a-half years ago and created a small collection of children’s poems. I sort of tried to get them published but only half-heartedly. I figured sharing them with all of you was better than letting them collect dust on my hard-drive. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

I Know a Cracker Cruncher

I know a cracker cruncher,

apple snacker,
sandwich luncher,

Who’s sometimes a tummy tickler,

tower tumbler,
beach ball kicker,

And this cruncher,



Makes me smile most of all
When the day is at its end,
And I hear my bed-song singer,

sweet-soft teddy clinger call,

“I love you!”

twinkle peeker
sleepy nighttime sleeper


Howdy Hat Hill

Sometimes I like to sit and chat,
Wearing my good old howdy hat.
I’ve got red boots (from Uncle Will).
They walk me up to howdy hill.
On howdy hill, in my howdy hat,
I sit down where I’ve always sat,
And you sit near, and we look down low,
Chat, and watch the dust weeds blow.
Then, when I’m done with howdy hat hill,
And my little red boots (from Uncle Will),
We swagger back down,
Wave goodbye to an ox,
And put my howdy hat and boots
In my dress-up box.

The Woes of Cold Toes

Everyone knows
That winter-time toes
Search for socks as their clothes
(Slippers too),
Because everyone knows
That the worst of toe woes
Is a cold wind that blows
Making frozen toe rows,
And the nose shows its grief
Right along with the feet
As it dodges the snows
And its blustery foes,
So, please find some socks
And some heat.

Scoop Up the Moon

Sometimes at night
I watch the moon
Catching ripples—
Scattered light,
Floating up, down,
With the wind,
Dancing to the song
Of the peepers on the lake.
And I cup my hand
Like the big dipper
And scoop up the moon,
Watch it slip through
My spoon fingers
And splash into the coolness,
Back to its place,
Catching ripples—
Scattered light
On the lake.