Silver lining

January 16, 2012 at 6:04 pm

Back in November I posted about some weird health issues I was having. I thought some of you might be wondering what became of all of that. Here’s the latest…

  • Most of the time I’m not really dizzy anymore. Once in awhile the dizziness emerges, but I have been steadily improving and expect to be whole again soon.
  • I’m avoiding mushrooms, most foods fermented with yeast, some corn products, some aged cheeses, MSG, and most processed meats. I feel good about continuing to avoid them.
  • Avoiding bread and yeast for several months had an unexpected silver lining. We realized that as long as my daughter doesn’t eat bread/yeast the chapped lips and eczema sores she is has been plagued with around her mouth every winter of her life stay away! Here are some pics from several years ago…

    This is a huge discovery. She has also had a large patch of eczema on the back of her leg for awhile that we just couldn’t get rid of, and it is also nearly gone! We have tried all kinds of moisturizers and ointments and prescriptions over the years, and in the end she just needed to be healed from the inside out. I’m not surprised in the least. Here’s my beautiful girl and her beautiful mouth this past week…

  • In case anyone’s wondering, her skin issues do seem to be directly related to the yeast and not wheat/gluten. She can eat pasta, tortillas, flat bread, crackers, and baked goods made with wheat and has no trouble. It’s just things leavened with yeast that trouble her as far as we can tell.
  • Of all my kids, this daughter has had the most prominent reactions to vaccines, and now I may have a better idea of why. Many of the vaccines are cultured with yeast/yeast extract/yeast protein (see here). My heart breaks to think of how many times we allowed her to be injected and how much damage it may have done to her.
  • In the end, I’m grateful that my health issues enabled me to help my daughter on her path toward healing. If I hadn’t felt prompted to avoid yeast, who knows how long it would have been before we discovered my daughter’s issues with yeast/bread? God is good.