The Mother-Baby Dyad: Sacred Synergy

July 4, 2016 at 5:03 pm

A few days ago I gathered with some lovely women for a Gift of Giving Life party. While there I shared with them some of the fascinating and beautiful insights I have been learning about the sacred interchange within the mother-baby dyad. The “thesis” of my message was this: mothers and babies are the key to creating a peaceful world. Without nurturing mothers and peace-filled babies, we will never see humanity overcome the evils that tear us apart. The love of a mother is so crucial, so irreplaceable, so powerful. Below I will share some of the slides from my presentation.

The Mother-Baby Dyad- Sacred Synergy

Sources available upon request

Sources available upon request


This was only a very small sampling of the scientific research documenting the ways a mother’s emotional and physical state impact the growing baby in her womb. Dr. Thomas Verny has written extensively about the science of this intimate interchange in his books. You may have heard of his book The Secret Life of the Unborn Child. I haven’t read it myself, but I learned a lot from his revised and updated Pre-Parenting: Nurturing Your Child From Conception. Dr. Verny also has some informative YouTube videos.

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Additional information and stories can also be found within these resources:

of one heartImagine if every pregnant mother was supported, cared-for, and full of peace. Imagine if every positive pregnancy test was seen as a priceless treasure and gift. Imagine if every fetus knew without question that s/he was loved. Imagine if every newborn entered the world gently and received nothing but kindness, affection, and an assurance of the constant companionship of his/her most important source of safety and comfort, the Mother. Imagine if mothers were given the time, support, encouragement, and nurturing they require to most effectively fulfill their roles as the primary and most-essential caregivers for their new babies. If we, as the human family, could provide all of these things, I am convinced that we would henceforth and forever live in constant peace. At present, within the complexities and challenges of our current world circumstances, it seems impractical and maybe even impossible to meet all of those ideals. But I hope we can reach for them anyway.

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