they remember

March 30, 2013 at 7:08 am

So I’ve been working on a new project this past week in partnership with my new-found friend, Sarah Hinze. First, here’s a 50-second YouTube video I made to introduce it…

they remember is a site dedicated to the stories of unborn spirits–those who have already come, those who will come, and especially those whose first visits into their mothers’ wombs were cut short.

You already know too much about me, but here’s some more info about Sarah…

Sarah Hinze

For over 25 years, Sarah Hinze has been a researcher of near death, prebirth and other spiritual phenomena that add evidence to the reality that we are divine beings and the spiritual children of God. She has written eight books, spoken throughout the US, as well as Canada and Mexico. Her books have been published in German and Portuguese. She has been on a hundred or more radio shows and over a dozen television shows through the years. Her husband Brent is her ever-ready assistant, and his Ph.D. in psychology makes him her closest and favorite colleague. Together they have spoken at various colleges and universities and at national and international conferences. Sarah and Brent reside in Mesa, Arizona and are the parents of nine children and a growing cluster of grandchildren. She has written several books, including We Lived in Heaven, The Castaways, Songs of the Morning Stars, Coming from the Light, Life Before Life, and her newest book, The Memory Catcher: When Angels Speak, Who Will Listen? You can find more of Sarah’s research and experiences at

Do you have a story that might be an asset to our project? Please share it with us. And please like our facebook page and share our YouTube video with your friends!