Three is a magic number

April 1, 2012 at 8:28 pm

Today my third child turns three. (Remembering his birth gives me warm fuzzies every time. Happy sigh.)

If I could freeze my kids (temporarily) at certain ages, I would choose the 3’s.

Three months. I adore 3-month-old babies. They are so happy, so smiley, so cuddly, so easy to “wear,” so squishy, so absolutely marvelous.

And the other age I would choose is three years. I love my¬†three-year-olds. Mister Bubs is in such a wonderful phase right now. (Maybe that’s partly God being merciful since his baby sister is in a much less wonderful phase, but I digress.) Right now Mister Bubs is my right hand buddy, my little man, my sweet boy…

And I know I can’t freeze him, so I plan to enjoy him and soak up every bit of awesomeness that I can.

Why is he so awesome? Well, let me count the ways…

* He only wears diapers at night now. Woohoo for potty training like a pro.
* He can play independently, create his own fun, and use his imagination.
* He loves to help me do anything and everything, especially cooking and watering the garden.
* “I love you, Mommy,” is something he still says fairly often.
* When one of his sisters is crying or sad, he says, “What’s the matter, _______?”
* When I’m not being my best self, he reminds me to “Be nice, Mommy.”
* He is very good at saying, “Please,” and “Wanks you.” ;-)
* He sleeps pretty well at night. But when he does wake up, he sneaks into my bed, cuddled up right next to me. Even though this means I’m squished many nights (with his sister on the other side of me), it also means that (no matter how many mistakes I make or how often I fall short of the mother I should be) he still feels safe and loved with me, and that makes me happy.

I love you, Mister. Always and forever.

Happy 3rd Birthday!