Yoga Teacher Training Diary, 2nd Edition

March 11, 2015 at 4:57 am

I’ve now completed two full weekends of Kundalini Yoga Teacher training and twenty-three days of my assigned 40-day sadhana. There is so much I could say, but I think for the sake of time I will just share snip-its of my class notes in bullet-point form.

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potty training

February 28, 2015 (with Gurumeher Singh)

  • Purpose of yoga= to become one with the infinite.
    • yoga= union, yoke
  • Purpose of yoga= to control the thought waves of the mind.
  • When not in a state of yoga, we identify with our thoughts, reactions, and habitual patterns: “I am angry.”
  • Yoga is potty training your mind
      • need a place to “dump”
      • once a day go to your dumping station (yoga/meditation)

  • If you have victory over the mind, you can have victory over the world.
  • Your mind isn’t you; you can talk to your mind and ask it to sit with you and just observe.
  • Breathing out —> brings ego to zero
  • Breathing in —> fills you with infinity
  • THE MIND IS THE SERVANT OF THE SOUL! Put it in its place. Take control.
    • The soul= CEO, focuses on the big picture
    • The mind= manager, focuses on the details
    • The will= intercessor between the soul and the mind
    • When the mind is given a job (CEO) it’s not prepared to do, it gets frantic.
  • Asanas (yoga postures) prepare the body to raise level of consciousness.
    • When tap into Universal Mind, can know anything and everything.
    • Like connecting to divine Internet
  • Exercises for balancing the Negative Mind, Positive Mind, and Neutral Mind
  • Yogi Bhajan: “All therapies and all help and all knowledge is going to be absolutely obsolete. People need immediately self exalted experience.”
    • the future of therapy is self therapy
  • Give yourself this gift: never again say, “I don’t know” or “I can’t.”
  • Whether you’re in pleasure or in pain, don’t let it define you.
  • Nothing shall disturb my inner peace.
  • There is a meditation for divine horniness (!!?! ha ha!). For real.
  • Ego= the stress of specialness
  • Sources of self-esteem: 1) External, 2) Internal, 3) Eternal

Our lead instructor, Jaap Kaur

March 1, 2015

  • Om= the sound of creation, Ong=sound of creation, but keeps you grounded on earth
  • Modern physics… String theory= everything is made of tiny strings vibrating at different frequencies
  • Our eyes see a very narrow spectrum of vibration.
  • Ma…. mmmmm …. ahhhhh….
    • Sound has intrinsic meaning to us
  • Resonance cavities/chambers… the more cavities you use, the richer the sound.
    • sinuses
    • chest
    • navel
    • throat
  • Find your authentic voice; you have your sound in your backpack.
    • find your own sweet spot
    • voice reflects your psychology
  • You want earth (lower chakras) to power ethers (higher chakras).
  • Roof of the mouth is like a keyboard on a computer or typewriter.
    • talking all day long, tongue hitting those buttons (meridian points that go directly to the brain), typing out messages
  • Every word you say should be an affirmation.

every word quote

  • Speak from the navel.
  • Chanting checklist…
    • pronunciation
    • rhythm (words, breath, beat, usually 4 or 8)
    • projection (volume, posture, breath, pull navel for power)
    • pitch
    • vowels and consonants
    • resonance cavities
    • mouth/throat open, jaw loose
  • Yogi B video
    • You are not you.
    • Where I lives, Thou doesn’t exist. Let I go, and let Thou take care of it.
    • Your presence must be effective.
    • RESTroom is the only place people can be alone with themselves (because people don’t take the time to meditate)
      • “relieve yourself”
      • “answering the call of nature”