February 11, 2012 at 4:32 pm

I’m gearing-up to do another “God’s Medicine Chest” post, so I have healing foods and produce on the brain. It’s also on my brain because of this “pin” I saw and shared on my new Birth Faith Pinterest board. It was a blogpost from The V Spot outlining how to store a variety of fruits and vegetables.¬†And it reminded me of the trusty chart I have on the side of my refrigerator, torn from Delicious Living Magazine about a decade ago. It’s been a really helpful resource all these years, and it covers most of the fruits and vegetables people eat every day (even more than The V Spot covered so beautifully).

I used to refer to this chart multiple times a week (until I had it basically memorized). I don’t know how accurate the information is (cucumbers on the countertop? really?) except that they credited the “Postharvest Technology Research and Information Center” from the University of California and that sounds like a pretty reliable source. I don’t always follow their recommendations to a T. Living in a warm climate, our house is rarely “room temperature” (except in the winter), so we refrigerate some things that maybe would do better at a comfortable 68-77 degrees. But I’ve found the info to be helpful over the years, so take it or leave it…

Click on the chart to see it larger.

I should mention that I made a change to the chart. They suggested that you could store apples for seven days at room temperature. As a teenager I worked for an apple orchard. They stored all the apples in cold storage and had signs plastering their store urging their customers to “Refrigerate your apples!” So I’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated that the best and only place to store your apples is in the refrigerator. I spent many a cold afternoon/evening bundled-up in sweatshirts and gloves in that store because they kept it so crispy cold for the apples. So I cringe when I see apples sitting out on a countertop. Do me (and the Martin family who owns Honey Pot Hill Orchards) a favor and put your apples in the fridge. Unless, of course, you just picked one off a tree and plan to bite into it momentarily! Mmmmm… apples right off the tree… and peaches… mmmm… I miss you, Honey Pot!