Third Trimester: Preparation and Sanctification

December 21, 2015 at 8:11 pm

Last week was crazy busy. That was probably true for most of us. Now that all the Christmas preparations are finished, all the holiday events have been attended, homeschool is on break, and my school-employed husband is home for at least two weeks, I feel like I can finally mentally, physically, and spiritually prepare myself for my baby’s birth (I’ll be 38 weeks tomorrow). On Thursday afternoon I told my husband, “All I want to do for the rest of the year is take baths and showers and sleep and meditate.” He said, “I can support you in that.” I said, “Good answer.”

The other day I was looking for ideas of how to nurture myself during the last few weeks of pregnancy. Google brought up a few things, but nothing was quite what I was looking for. So I bagged trying to get ideas from other people and decided to just do what my soul wanted me to do. Here’s a list of the things I’ve been doing to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for my upcoming birth.

37 weeks

Mental Preparation

  • Reading birth books and birth stories. Such as…
  • Organizing and situating all the baby gear.
    • Having the cradle, blankets, diapers, nursing pads, etc in sight reminds me continually that a real baby is coming.
  • Insulating myself from negativity.
    • No scary news stories. No drama. No busy-ness. Cutting back on social media.
  • Making an appointment with a pregnancy/postpartum mental health specialist.


Physical Preparation

  • Taking lots of baths with Dead Sea bath salts to relax and optimize trace mineral levels.
  • Drinking pregnancy tonic tea and coconut water for hydration and nutrients.
  • Eating dates (to prevent hemorrhage and “going late”)
  • Making smoothies with pomegranate juice, yogurt, dark leafy greens, and fruits full of vitamin C.
    • Pomegranate juice (when consumed by pregnant mothers) has been shown to protect infants from brain injuries caused by low oxygen and reduced blood flow (Source).
    • Dark leafy greens and probiotic foods help improve the body’s vitamin K levels (to prevent hemorrhage) and vaginal microflora, boosting the good bacteria colonizing baby at birth (More info HERE).
    • Vitamin C increases collagen production, enhancing the skin’s strength and elasticity to prevent perineal tearing (More info HERE).
  • Doing gentle yoga.
  • Sleeping as much as I want.
  • Letting my husband and friends cook for me.


Spiritual Preparation

  • Surrounding myself with people, images, words, symbols, objects that bring me comfort, strength, and peace.
  • Meditating, singing, praying.
  • Pondering Mary’s pregnancy and birth as we approach Christmas.
  • Inviting specific spirits/angels to attend my birth.
  • Wearing reminders of the emotional and spiritual support my friends and loved ones are extending to me.
  • Listening to my birthing playlist¬†a lot (full of mantras and spiritual music).
  • Asking my husband for blessings when I need them.
  • Talking with my sister and friends when I need to process through any fears or negativity.
  • Reading uplifting notes/letters from friends.

IMG_3594 spiritual birth prepIMG_3596

I still don’t feel “ready” for my baby to arrive, so I’m hoping she will wait until I have more time to prepare and sanctify myself and the space around me. A beautiful doula friend has offered to attend my birth if the timing works out, and my awesome sister-in-law is planning to take photos if baby waits until she arrives (after Christmas).

In the meantime, I’ll be hanging out in my cozy nest.