Call for help

April 25, 2012 at 3:23 am

Alright, friends… I’m going to get personal here.

I’m struggling. For the past six months, off and on, I’ve been battling with some physical and emotional trials, riding a crazy-making roller coaster. During some periods, I’ve been in what I would label as depression. I have good days, and I have bad days. On the good days I feel full of hope that things will get better. On the bad days I feel full of despair that I’ll ever feel totally myself again. Over the past week I have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other multiple times. Yesterday I was in despair. Today I was mostly OK.

I debated whether or not to disclose all of this to you. In this moment I decided that you’d want to know, you’d want to help, you’d want to lift me up in whatever way you could.

I feel pretty confident that most of my struggles are stemming from being depleted from being pregnant and/or nursing non-stop for the past four years. Add the stress of caring for four children as a full-time mom and chronic sleep-deprivation on top of that and it’s just a recipe for mood swings, depression, anxiety, and health problems.

Ways you can help…

1) Help me find a multi-vitamin I can take. I would like to take a whole food prenatal vitamin, but my body is no longer tolerating the one I had been taking (New Chapter). So my reserves of those important nutrients just aren’t being taken care of through my diet, regardless of how healthy I try to keep our foods. Do you know of any other high-quality whole food vitamins or other high-quality prenatal vitamins you’d recommend that do not contain yeast, soy, fermented products, or mushrooms?

2) Share what natural methods you have used to overcome depression, fatigue, and/or anxiety.

3) Pray for my strength, pray for my physical health to improve, pray that I will be led to the exact solutions my mind/body need, pray that I will be given the aid of angels as I bear these burdens.

4) Offer uplifting thoughts, words of encouragement, thank you’s, stories with happy endings, whatever you feel might lift my spirits and strengthen me to move forward with confidence in my full recovery.

5) Make me laugh out loud. Hilarious, clean humor would be awesome.

Thank you.

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