5 Ways Magnesium Makes Life More Awesome

November 27, 2016 at 4:09 am

It’s no surprise that I love magnesium. I’ve been counting the ways for years now. I first declared my love for this magnificent mineral in 2010 here. And since then I have probably sounded a bit like a broken record. If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you’re well aware of my magnesium obsession. No shortage of posts about its many uses and virtues around here:

Today I’d like to share five of my favorite ways to use magnesium, or…


5 Ways Magnesium Makes Life More Awesome


1) Magnesium is nature’s chill pill.

When I feel frazzled, overwhelmed, anxious, or irritable, my go-to is a magnesium. When my baby seems extra fussy, I give her a bath with magnesium or rub her with magnesium cream. When we’re achy or under-the-weather, magnesium makes us more comfortable. When my daughter’s tics are annoying her, she asks for magnesium. Psychology Today sums up how magnesium helps promote relaxation:

Magnesium seems to act on many levels in the hormonal axis and regulation of the stress response. Magnesium can suppress the ability of the hippocampus to stimulate the ultimate release of stress hormone, it can reduce the release of ACTH (the hormone that tells your adrenal glands to get in gear and pump out that cortisol and adrenaline), and it can reduce the responsiveness of the adrenal glands to ACTH. In addition, magnesium can act at the blood brain barrier to prevent the entrance of stress hormones into the brain. All these reasons are why I call magnesium “the original chill pill.”

I rub magnesium oil on my back or belly every night before I go to bed to promote more restful sleep. And when I need an even bigger boost, I pour magnesium bath salts into a bath and soak my stress away.



2) Magnesium is nature’s laxative.

So someone I love had surgery recently, and the pain medication she was given afterward made her very constipated. She tried stool softeners and other things, but nothing was helping. Then I got a text from her that said, “I love magnesium.” I smiled really big when I saw that, partly ’cause I was thrilled for her to be more comfortable, and partly ’cause it was magnesium that saved the day. I love when magnesium saves the day. Over the summer my son got really constipated and magnesium helped him too. How does it work? Magnesium relaxes the bowels and pulls fluid into the intestines. I love this rave review from a recent Washington Post article:

Magnesium also builds strong bones, maintains heart health, helps to prevent diabetes by regulating blood sugar, prevents inflammation and strokes, boosts immunity, preserves a proper PH balance in the body, and relieves constipation. Phew. Magnesium might really be that magic bullet as it performs an essential role in every almost bodily function.


3) Magnesium reduces pain and migraines.

I love the title of this article from the Journal of Neural Transmission: “Why all migraine patients should be treated with magnesium.” Strong evidence suggests that magnesium deficiency is much more common among migraine sufferers than those who do not experience migraines. Magnesium also relaxes muscle tension and eases joint pain. Its pain-relieving properties are so effective, in fact, that anesthesiologists are even beginning to recognize its potential use along-side pharmaceutical methods:

These characteristics of magnesium (anesthetic- and analgesic-sparing effect) enable anesthesiologists to reduce the use of anesthetics during surgery and the use of analgesics after surgery. Magnesium sulfate has a high therapeutic index and cost-effectiveness. Considering these diverse characteristics useful for anesthesia, appropriate use of magnesium sulfate would improve surgical outcome and patients’ satisfaction (Source).

When my scoliosis back pain is flaring up, a magnesium bath or a back rub with magnesium cream are my standard remedies. When my distance-running husband has athletic injuries or aches, he slathers his legs and joints in magnesium cream. When a headache is pounding through me, I rub magnesium oil on the back of my neck or my temples.


4) Magnesium relieves bug bites, eczema, and other skin issues.

A week or two ago, we discovered yet another benefit of magnesium. For some reason, despite living in a desert, we have had a lot of mosquitos living around our house lately. Sometimes they make their way into the house and feast while we’re sleeping. They seem to particularly like biting my 11-year-old daughter, and her skin tends to have a pretty intense response, swelling some and itching terribly. My husband had been rubbing magnesium on his legs and noticed that his mosquito bites stopped itching when he would rub the magnesium on. My daughter had several annoying bites, so she tried it too and found that it reduced the itching for her as well. I smiled and made a mental note to share our discovery on the blog. :-)

Magnesium is just all-round great for the skin. It helped reduce my baby’s cradle cap and baby acne. And my oldest daughter found it helped reduce irritation for her eczema outbreaks as well. The authors of Clear Skin Forever explain how magnesium helps the skin:

Magnesium is . . . a precursor for vitamin C, and specifically helps vitamin C express itself in the skin, where it has antioxidative effects. . . . Plus magnesium helps activate another skin-vital nutrient: Vitamin D. . . . Magnesium also prevents inflammation by inhibiting e-selectin, which is a molecule responsible for inflammation in the skin. . . . Bottom line, getting plenty of magnesium helps your body turn off all the inflammation, both systemically and locally, on the skin (Source).



5) Magnesium makes pregnancy and birth easier.

As a birth blogger, I am always looking for ways to improve pregnancy and birth for my readers. Magnesium is a super star when it comes to helping moms and babies. Magnesium reduces pregnancy nausea, body aches, preterm labor contractions, constipation, leg cramps, high blood pressure, and swelling. Studies indicate that magnesium significantly improves birth outcomes:

Clinical trials have demonstrated that mothers supplementing with magnesium . . . have larger, healthier babies and lower rates of preeclampsia, premature labor, sudden infant death, and birth defects, including cerebral palsy” (Carolyn Dean, The Magnesium Miracle, p. 142).

I have had two babies since I first discovered magnesium’s magnificence. Those two births were probably the most gentle and mild of all my births. I credit magnesium partially for that. It was also during those two pregnancies that I experienced the least amount of nausea and the fewest leg cramps. I wish I could give every pregnant woman a box full of magnesium goodies!

Last year, I was thrilled when Mg12 (the brand of magnesium products I use) had a super deal for the holidays. I stocked up on my magnesium stash and gave away tons of bath salts and cream for Christmas gifts. This year their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is even better. They’re offering 25% off all their products and free shipping through Monday. If you use my coupon code [birthfaith] you can get an additional 10% off your order as well! I ordered four bags of bath salts yesterday myself! We use them in every bath we take.

Give yourself and your friends and family the gift of healing this holiday season. Heaven knows we all need some extra healing this election year.

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*In full disclosure, I will receive a small commission when you make a purchase. It’s a win-win for both of us! If you don’t already love magnesium, I hope you soon come to love it as much as I do!