AZ Holistic Living Conference

March 25, 2013 at 7:57 pm

Several weeks ago I entered a contest to win three free tickets to the AZ Holistic Living Conference by writing about a profound holistic healing experience. I had a feeling I was going to win. Not sure why, but I just knew I needed to be at the conference and assumed those free tickets were going to get me there. And they did… along with some other friends who also felt like they needed to be there. The theme for the conference was “What’s in my bag?” It was, for me, an extremely powerful and wonderful day. Thank you, organizers and volunteers and presenters, for giving me that great gift.

I thought I’d share some of the things I learned.

1) Keynote Speaker: K.C. Miller

I think the part of K.C.’s presentation that made the deepest impact on me was when she taught the concept of being a “seer.” She talked about how suicide takes more lives than war, and so many people walk around feeling like they’re unimportant and invisible to the rest of the world. She had us find a partner, face each other, and do an exercise. We were supposed to “see” each other and then finish saying, “__(Name)__, I see you.”

I had no idea just how profound this exercise would be. I think I just might even include it as one of the most powerful spiritual experiences of my life. It was only a few moments before both my partner and I were crying. I don’t know whether to attribute the intensity of what I felt to the stunningly beautiful soul of my partner or to the healing experience of being truly seen. Both perhaps? But it was absolutely incredible. After we finished, I felt as though we had connected our souls together in a way that could never be broken. I couldn’t help embracing her and filling to the brim with love for her. Imagine if we did that with every person we ever met?

2) Carolyn Cooper: “What’s in Your Genes?”

Carolyn taught about generational healing. Sometimes we carry trauma and/or negative energy in our genes from the experiences of our ancestors. This inherited trauma can manifest as phobias, panic attacks, health problems, emotional difficulties, financial difficulties, relationship problems, etc. When we clear those traumas and inherited lower-energies, it frees us and our ancestors from the “rattlesnake venom” sucking the life out of the family. It pulls the entire flawed thread from the family tapestry, benefitting many people within the family regardless of whether they were aware of the release of energy or not. Fascinating stuff, especially since I feel part of my purpose here on Earth is to be a “chainbreaker” to heal my family and cease the unhealthy patterns that came before me.

3) Sarah Hinze: “Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It”

Sarah was the main reason I wanted to attend the conference. It was magical to meet her, especially after having spoken to her on the phone a couple of days before. I walked into the room where she was presenting, we saw each other, she said, “Now there’s someone I think I know,” and immediately we embraced like old friends. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we really are old friends just now finding each other.

There were so many things I loved about Sarah’s presentation. She shared part of an ancient text called “The Hymn of the Pearl” written by Thomas the Apostle. It speaks of how each of us makes promises before we are born. God places those promises in our hearts before sending us here. God also sends us on a mission to seek a precious pearl. But we must face a dragon to receive it and return to God. Indeed.

She taught us that our hardships can become bridges to get us to what we were born to do, and sometimes our weaknesses can give us clues to our missions here. She described her own journey in pursuing her own mission, saying she was like “a woman walking through a hurricane with her hair flying back in the wind and rain.” She said, “I will not stop going until my last breath.” What an inspiration she was.

You can read more about my bond with Sarah in these posts: Coming From the Light and Rescue Mission.

4) Wendi Jensen: “Awakening Eve”

The most powerful part of Wendi’s presentation for me was an imagery journey she took us on. We closed our eyes, she turned down the lights and turned on some soothing music. During the visualization, she guided us to visualize number of things and receive symbolic objects regarding our mission here. We also each met with a “being of light” (whoever it needed to be for you). It’s difficult for me to even describe how healing this experience was. I would have to go into too many details to explain why, and it’s sacred to me, but I came away from this experience with so much peace about something that has been plaguing me since last year. Thank you for facilitating that healing, Wendi.

5) Sarah McLean: “Soul Center Meditation”

The biggest take-aways from Sarah’s class (for me) were:

  • Meditation lifts the veil that masks our wholeness.
  • Attention is the currency of your soul.

She said that stress makes us blind to our true selves, but through stress-relieving activities such as sleep, yoga, meditation, we are able to purify our minds and hearts of what is not truly us and make space for the miraculous in our lives. She also taught us that attention, freely-given, is love. Whatever we give our attention and presence (truly being present) to, we give our love.¬†That resonated deeply with me. Such a pure truth, but how often are we truly present with what/whom we truly love? It brings my mind back to the exercise at the start of the conference where I was, for a few moments, absolutely and completely present with my friend as I truly “saw” her in all her beauty. Attention is so powerful. Love is so powerful.

So much to ponder. So much more to learn.