Book Giveaway: The Memory Catcher

April 9, 2013 at 8:47 pm

This giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned!

I just finished reading Sarah Hinze’s remarkable memoir The Memory Catcher. I want to give copies of this book to everyone I know. Seriously. Not only has Sarah’s life story been full of miracles and powerful events, but her message and mission are near and dear to my heart, as many of you already know.

Dr.¬†Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was a pioneer researcher in dear-death studies, hospice care, and the grief and dying process and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Sarah became friends with Elizabeth toward the end of Elizabeth’s beautiful life. Of Sarah’s work, Elizabeth said:

For years I have taught that we come from the same Source at birth and we return to the Source at death. The Source is God, who has many names. Earth experience is for our growth and spiritual development. When we have learned and taught what we came to earth for, we graduate–death is graduation.

We have learned much about life after death. Sarah Hinze leads us into the next great area of research–the study of where we come from.

I have three extra copies of The Memory Catcher here in my home, and I have a feeling they’re meant to go to some of you. If you’d like a copy, please enter this giveaway in one or more of the following ways:

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After you’ve finished, come back here and post a comment (be sure to leave your email address) and tell me what you did to enter the giveaway. You will receive an entry for each item you complete. I will accept entries until this coming Saturday evening (April 13) at 11:59 p.m. Arizona time.

I hope you’ll want to read Sarah’s book and want to share our new project with your friends. Perhaps this story from the end of Sarah’s memoir will inspire you:

One night I lay in bed wondering, “Have my books made a difference in the world?” I fell asleep and had a dream in which my father was taking me to home after home, showing me children playing with toys, babies being held by their mothers, a daddy swinging a little girl in his arms.

Dad said to me, “These are some of the homes where your books have touched hearts. When you pass over to the other side, then you will see the full picture. Your books have made a difference.”