Finding my valentine

February 14, 2012 at 6:23 pm

My cousin Chris once bet me that I would be married by the end of my freshman year at college. That may seem outrageous to some of you, but it’s actually quite common for Mormon women to marry “young.” Even so, I knew Chris was going to lose. I made one thing very clear to all the males I encountered that year: I am going on a mission. And I was going to study abroad and surely graduate before I got married. After all, I had been indoctrinated by my PhD stepmother all of my life that those were the things I ought to do. And I was determined to take that path.

I managed to avoid all but one eager 24-year-old in my first semester. Despite his efforts to convince me I was ready to get married, I knew I wasn’t. And, even if I was, I knew it wouldn’t be to him. He was a great guy and actually pretty handsome, but there was absolutely no chemistry (at least from my perspective). We went on only one or two dates, and from there on out it was just friendship, though I must admit I was flattered by his admiration.

Eventually, I found myself spending all my free time with a 19-year-old young man. I have so many happy memories that include him. He was a wonderful (best) friend and very safe since he was definitely not getting married yet. Hence, Chris lost the bet. I left campus in April… free and clear and single. Of course!

Things were going just as planned. I started my sophomore year, feeling excited and looking forward to my future. Then, one pivotal Sunday, I met a young man who would change everything. Isaac.

Isaac, Isaac, Isaac… How will I ever thank you for being my detour sign? My roommates and I found him sitting by himself one Sunday and decided to go over and say hello. We chatted and found him to be a delightful young fellow. And young is right… er younger. He was still 18. A younger man! What else could be safer? Plus he was hilariously entertaining, so we became somewhat instant friends.

One evening, my wonderful roommate and friend, Amber, and I decided to go visit Isaac at his apartment. We’d never been to his apartment before. We skipped along, looking forward to the stress-relief and diversion of his antics but were a little disappointed to find that he wasn’t home. Bummer. Never ones to pass up an opportunity to converse with new friends, we decided to chat with his roommates (whom we had never met) instead. At first it was just one or two of them, and then a third showed up… some kid who really liked to run. I think his name was Reid or something…

To be continued…

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