October 10, 2012 at 2:23 am

It has now been over a week since I have felt anxious or depressed. I think I finally feel confident that the worst is over. Crossing my fingers anyway.

It’s hard to know what made the difference, but I think all of the following are contributing factors…

1) My husband asked many of my family and friends to fast and pray for me the first Sunday in October. I’m deeply honored and grateful that so many participated and feel certain that their united faith pushed me into one of the best weeks I’ve had since June. Thank you so much.

2) I started meditating a week ago (too bad I keep missing days) thanks to my friend Felice’s prodding and meditation webinar.

3) I started re-taking a multi-vitamin that has helped me in the past (New Chapter Perfect Prenatal). I had run out of them a few months ago and had been trying several other brands in the meantime without finding one that “worked” (Rainbow Light, Mercola, etc.) Once I started taking this one again a little over a week ago, I felt almost normal within a few days. May I never run out again!

4) I’ve been getting mostly good and uninterrupted sleep for the past several weeks. Thank you, sweet husband, for taking over the night-time parenting.

5) I’ve been drinking a raw kale/pineapple/yogurt/almond smoothie every day for over a month.

6) I’ve been eating at least three good meals a day for over a month. For most of July I had lost my appetite and had to try to force food into myself. Over the past month I have completely regained my appetite. So grateful for that ’cause I really missed loving food.

7) I’ve been eating a big bowl of ice cream almost every night before bed for over a month. Too bad it’s not putting any pounds on me. Come on, fat, work with me!

8) We’ve been opening the windows at night and in the early morning for a week or so. I really think this has been a huge contributing factor. Indoor air can get really bad in these newer energy-efficient homes, especially when the doors/windows stay closed for the long summer here. I’m allergic to dust and mold, and poor air quality can contribute to mood disorders. So grateful for the cooler weather.

9) I have things to look forward to. We’ll be moving in the next couple of months. This will provide a fresh start, change of scenery, a chance to purge, and more money in the bank. I’m also looking forward to reaching some of the goals I have set for myself… gaining back some of the weight I lost this summer, getting ourselves completely debt-free within two years, and being healthy enough and strong enough to exercise again.

10) Medicine. It has taken two months for my body to adjust to the medication I’m taking. Two long, really hard months. But those little pills gave me a huge leg up in my healing journey. I don’t hesitate to say that taking this medication saved my life.

Relief is good.