Seers of Beauty

August 26, 2013 at 8:16 pm

A couple of nights ago, my 10-year-old daughter asked me at bedtime:

“Do you think you’re beautiful?”

Now that was a tough question to answer. Yesterday, I talked with a friend on the phone about it. She said, “Why would you even hesitate?” Maybe I was making the moment a bigger-deal than it needed to be, but it really felt like such a complex question that required a thoughtful answer. I’m not the only one who thinks that’s a tough question to answer, right? It was like this magical teaching moment, and I didn’t want to get it wrong and teach her the wrong thing, but I also wanted to be honest.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that question since.

What does it mean to be beautiful?

Does it matter if you are beautiful?

What does a beautiful person look like?

What does a beautiful person feel like?

As I’ve been thinking about all of this, I remembered an experience several months ago at the AZ Holistic Living Conference. The keynote speaker at the event was a woman named K.C. Miller. The part of K.C.’s presentation that made the deepest impact on me was when she taught the concept of being a “seer.” She had us find a partner, face each other, and do an exercise. We were supposed to “see” each other and then finish saying, “__(Name)__, I see you.”

I had no idea just how profound this exercise would be. I think I just might even include it as one of the most powerful spiritual experiences of my life. It was only a few moments before both my partner and I were crying. I don’t know whether to attribute the intensity of what I felt to the stunningly beautiful soul of my partner or to the healing experience of being truly seen. Both perhaps? But it was absolutely incredible. After we finished, I felt as though we had connected our souls together in a way that could never be broken. I couldn’t help embracing her and filling to the brim with love for her. Imagine if we did that with every person we ever met?

As I remembered that experience, I saw that it answered all of my ponderings on beauty. It’s cliche to say it, but beauty really is “in the eye of the beholder.” Because if we were all “seers,” we would see beauty in every person and every thing in the universe, even those whose hurtful actions are not a reflection of their highest selves.

But I also think there are ways we can make our beauty easier to behold. Part of that comes from taking care of our bodies with sleep, food, exercise, etc. But I think our core beliefs and thoughts are even more important… what we think about the world and people around us (including ourselves).

When you surround yourself with beauty (through your ability to behold it), people want to be around you, you feel good to people, and you bring about a transformation within yourself that results in a radiance that no cosmetic or surgery could ever in a million years reproduce. Perhaps then, making your beauty easier to behold is simply taking your innate beauty and radiating it. And perhaps the best way to radiate your beauty is to see the beauty in others? So the best “beauty regimen” in the world is to become a “seer.” Maybe?

What I saw inside of my partner at the conference was so beautiful it brought me to tears. It was kind of like seeing a stunning sunset, only so much more intense. If we could see ourselvestruly see ourselves, what would we see? Would it bring us to tears?

So, when my daughter asked me, “Do you think you’re beautiful?” I thought for a few moments and said, “I think everything God made is beautiful.” I guess that means, “Yes.” And so are you.

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