Yoga Teacher Training Diary, 1st Edition

March 10, 2015 at 5:45 am

I’ve now completed two full weekends of Kundalini Yoga Teacher training and twenty-two days of my assigned 40-day sadhana. There is so much I could say, but I think for the sake of time I will just share snip-its of my class notes in bullet-point form.

February 14, 2015

  • Don’t say “I hope that _____ will happen,” instead say “I trust that _____ will happen.”
  • When life feels too big, call on your infinity; make yourself bigger than the problem.
  • Yogi Bhajan said… smile at your mistakes because you have opened up a new neural pathway in the brain.
  • There are four cycles of Kundalini at the throat chakra… “The most important power of a person is the spoken word, both what you speak and how you speak. Ugly words are effective, and praises are effective” (from our teacher training manual).
  • For the first 40 days after birth, an infant should stay within nine feet of its mother (within the protection and peace of mother’s aura). It takes three years for the child to build an independent aura. (<—I think I could write an entire blogpost on this alone.)
  • I love all the plants at Yoga Phoenix!


February 15, 2015

  • Healing= changing what the soul attracts.
  • The soul wants to unite with God.
  • Go deeper into your own religion.
  • We all have and need three minds…
    • Negative mind: scarcity, protector, judge
    • Postive mind: attached to abundance, projector, manifestor
    • Neutral mind: tolerance, observer, flow, in and out
  • Healthy negative mind needs very little time.
  • Containment… contain the negative mind.
  • If positive mind is not healthy, its default is to reinforce the negative mind… multiplier.
  • Neutral mind has to be developed through meditation.
  • Sacrifice= made sacred
  • You are a hue-man being (hue=emits light).
  • Pranayam (breath work) can extend the aura to 12-15 ft or beyond.
  • If other people’s thoughts and feelings are distracting you or stronger than your own, you have a weak aura.
    • Strengthen with Kirtan Kriya and Ego Eradicator (<–two of my favorite Kundalini Yoga exercises).
      • Children shouldn’t do breath of fire until they reach puberty.
  • To master breathing is to master the mind.
    • Holding the breath out helps master fear.
  • During the Aquarian Age (now), the subtle is becoming more accessible to all of us, the unknown is known, mysteries revealed.
  • Strong radiant body (outer layer of aura) can promote harmony across a 25-mile radius.
  • Sometimes highly-elevated souls are mad at God for having to be “demoted” to earth after rising so high.
    • Spiritual masters that came to conquer the physical realm.


40 days