Yoga Teacher Training Diary, 8th Edition

June 21, 2015 at 12:24 am

Several weeks later, I am finally getting around to posting this. I’ve now completed Kundalini Yoga Teacher training! We graduated the first Sunday in June, but I will have to wait awhile for my certificate to arrive. I sort of can’t believe the past five months really happened. Hallelujah we made it!

I loved an exchange that happened between our instructor, Sevak, and one of my classmates our second-to-last weekend. Sevak had been talking about how rare a “true kundalini rising” experience is. One of my classmates was seeking clarification. His response to her was: “Do you have any idea how rare you are?” Tears began falling down her face. She truly is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the privilege to meet. I think what I will miss the most is the opportunity to spend every other weekend with a group of such pure, genuine, kind, spiritually sensitive, compassionate, beautiful souls. Truly, these people are the cream of the crop.

Some notes from the last two weekends of class…

May 23 (Sevak Singh)

  • 5 Stages on the Path of Wisdom
    • 1) Saram Pad- honeymoon stage, everything is awesome
    • 2) Karam Pad- begin to recognize strengths and weaknesses, have to give yourself to the practice
    • 3) Shakti Pad- most critical stage, do you trust your teacher enough to jump, trust the process, surrender
    • 4) Sahej Pad- everything starts to flow, chill, easy, present
    • 5) Sat Pad- harmony with Universe, everything begins to serve you, the words that need to come out come out
      • If I have a preference in my perception, then I am not in Sat Pad.
      • When I perceive through preference, I am shut down.
      • Perceive without preference!
  • Job of the teacher= confront the student
  • The subconscious is the storehouse with all the furniture I keep banging my shins on.
  • Cannot develop neutral mind if negative and positive minds are not separated.
  • “There’s an energetic cocktail happening. Don’t miss it.” -Kiki (classmate)

IMG_2786 IMG_2799

May 24 (Sangeet Kaur)

    • Guru Nanak: “All paths lead to God.”
    • Keep diet alkaline. Acidic body gets into trouble. Meditation makes you more alkaline.
    • “Your word creates your world.” -Yogi Bhajan


June 6 (the crazy weekend we moved)

  • We did a 2.5-hour meditation followed by journaling and a “soul walk.” Here’s what I wrote…

I came in late. I’m not sure how much I missed of the 2.5 hours. It was really hard for me to stay “in” it. I took lots of breaks, used the bathroom twice, and laid down for 20 minutes or so… not sure if I fell asleep. At one point when I rolled my eyes up to my brow point I would see purple. That has happened to me before during a long meditation. I wonder what makes that happen.


View from the dining area in my new house


The “yoga room” in my new house

Now we’re taking a “soul walk.” I’m sitting in a courtyard across from Yoga Phoenix. It’s nice in the shade. I am so exhausted. But I am also so grateful. I feel like our new house is a special gift just for me/us. We have moved most of our stuff, but I still feel so unsettled. I know it’s temporary. And I know things will settle down eventually. Wow it’s been an intense few months. Tomorrow teacher training ends. We graduate. I still don’t really feel like it was real. Did I really just do that? Cool.

June 7 (Graduation Day)

IMG_2875 IMG_2878 IMG_2881 IMG_2884 17769_10153342353454194_5740289820667783740_n 1471387_1404689996526230_7881010714691040684_nIMG_2886 IMG_2892 IMG_2900

I’m so happy I took the plunge and did this teacher training course. Last Thursday I taught my first class as an official Kundalini Yoga instructor! It was a workshop about how Kundalini Yoga can help with mental health challenges. I’d be glad to teach it again, if you’d be interested. One of my students took this cool pic…

11048656_10152831201652484_2000936218608122028_nAnd next month I will be teaching two more workshops. Here’s a flier for one of them…

Of One Heart and One Mind

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